We aren’t stuck up or unnecessarily strict with it. Our platform is open to all women of colour who have something to say. So if you’re feeling the vibe, and think we’re the right channel for you to share a thing or two, checkout the following guidelines!

–       Being that our platform specifically covers: beauty + lifestyle, culture + opinion, music + entertainment, tech, sex + relationships, we will only take articles that fall under  these segments.

–       Before your article can be published you will need to submit a pitch. Your pitch should include the title of your article, the segment it falls under and a brief paragraph outlining what the article will discuss. Please ensure you email all pitches to and one of our editors will be back in touch with a submission deadline and publishing date. You will then be sent a reminder email the day before your article is scheduled to go live with a preview link and any social media graphics.

–       If you’re submitting your first pitch, kindly send us a brief bio along with any social media handles and links that readers can find you on.

–       If your article is related to a current affair please include the title ‘CURRENT AFFAIR’ in the subject line when emailing us your pitch. This will ensure that your article is prioritised and published whilst the topic is still relevant.

–       You are allowed to submit as many pitches as you like.