Afropunk Paris 2018 Festival

So I’m almost certain I am not alone when I say Summer 2018 has been absolutely LIT thus far. With our African starboy headlining his first sold out show at the o2 arena for Afrorepublik and a surprise performance by drizzy drake at wireless festival, boy oh boy the last few months have been something to remember! But whether you’re turning up with the girls at lovebox or shaking a leg at Ghana party in the park this weekend, there are certain essentials you just can’t forget to take along with you.

1. Camera – What better way to capture the moment? One thing you can’t afford to leave at home is a camera. I’m all for living in the moment but what’s the point if you can’t create special memories that you can look back at and say to yourself, heck yeah that night was epic! It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy or expensive, even your iPhone will do. Chuck a camera in your bag and get ready to snap the night away…

2. Portable power bank – If you’re anything like me then you’re always on your phone sharing the vibe with your snap-chatter friends or taking a selfie. Either way, continuous use of your phone will drain it’s battery life. That’s why I always have a power bank on deck so I can keep my gadgets charged up! I use the 20000mAh AUKEY power bank which once fully charged, will keep you going for hours. It got me through two days of AFROPUNK.. They’re legit life savers, please don’t forget this one!

Click here to purchase mine.

3. Phone fan – Boy does it get hot at these festivals so baby girl I’d hate for you to do all that makeup only to sweat it out lol.. It’s even more annoying for us oily skin babes. Like you know it’s all over when what was once a matte beat turns dewy and your face is just shining. To make sure I’m not that person I keep an electric phone fan on hand which simply needs to be inserted into the charger/earphone port and voila! You’ve got yourself a stress free fan to keep you cool, calm and collected throughout the festivities.

Get one here

4. Fanny pack – This to me is one of life’s greatest inventions! I love the idea of being hands free when festivalling so I can let loose and groove, all while knowing that I have the important bits and bobs on deck whenever I need them.

5. Hair band – This is one that goes right over our heads but you’ll be grateful for in the end. I can’t help but shake a leg when my favourite jam comes on, as a result I end up sweating buckets so wearing my hair down my back doesn’t help one bit. I know you know exactly what I’m talking about! When your hair and the sweat combines and the hair strands get stuck on your back, ugh! Irritating! Save yourself the headache and whack a hair and on your wrist. When the night gets super turnt, simply pop your hair into a ponytail and turn the heck up some more!

So the next time you’re at a festival or concert, be sure take along my top 5 must haves with you! Feel free to share some of your essentials below… I wish you good vibes and lit nights for the rest of Summer. Remember you only live once so enjoy your life!


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