The lack of diversity in the technology industry seems to always be the topic of conversation especially when it comes to black women or women of color. While more women are impacting the tech world with applications and entrepreneurship we still need more black women sitting at the table.

In honor of Black History Month, here is a highlight of games developed and inspired by black women!

1. Hair Nah!

CREDIT:  IG @momopixel

Hair Nah is a viral web game created by Portland resident Momo Pixel. The game highlights social issues in regards to people touching a black women’s hair. It sheds light on an issue that Black women face with our natural hair daily. The purpose of the game is to help others become more aware and to hold themselves accountable of their actions.

In this game, players hand swat away to prevent the hands from touching their hair. Once the game is over players receive a message conveying that this is an issue that black women deal with on a daily basis prompting people to STOP THAT SH*T. This game is available at hairnah.com.

2) Chef Curry

CREDIT: PM Studios

If growing up you remember enjoying the game Diner Dash, then Ayesha Curry’s game will be a blast from the past for you! Chef Ayesha and her NBA baller husband Steph Curry have both teamed up with PM Studios to create, “Chef Curry.”

In the game players will be playing against a clock to fulfill orders for picky customers. Ayesha is the chef and Steph will have to race around to serve meals to the hungry customers. This game can be downloaded for free at Android’s Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

3) TipOff

CREDIT: rollingout.com

TipOff is a Black culture word game similar to Taboo created by brand manager, Astin Hayes and her business partner, Amanda Spann. The multi-player game is a guessing game that pays homage to black culture. In the game you are either the ‘Player’ or the ‘Hater.’ Users are divided into teams and take turns trying to get their team member to guess the word without saying any of the blacklisted five words on the card.

“The game celebrates the black experience and those who appreciate it,” Hayes says.

“The game is not only a lot of fun but a great learning opportunity. We’ve included several historical figures, influencers, and references in each of the word packs. We encourage people from all walks of life to try it.” (Via blackenterprise.com)

Tip off is available free in the iOS App and Android Google Play stores.

It’s always a great feeling for me being able to see a reflection of myself do big things in an industry I’m so passionate about. Let’s continue to support black women in tech by downloading and sharing projects made for us by us. Hopefully this can also inspire you to branch out and do things you probably didn’t think you were capable of.


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