A new emoji app for black girls lands in 2018 & we’re here for it!


It’s 2017, yet finding an emoji that truly represents girls with coils, curls & kinks isn’t as simple as you’d think. You could almost call it ridiculous how in a tech driven world, full of creatives, companies such as Apple only expanded their emoji keyboard not too long ago, which as far as I’m concerned STILL isn’t diverse enough. Some would say it’s not that deep and might even call me a little dramatic, but what more do you expect from a person who uses 5 emoji’s in damn near EVERY sentence?????? Let me live!

In 2018 my dreams are about to come true! The FROMOJI app, created by two black queens; Aniya of @Curls.Kinks.Coils_ on Instagram & Lizzy Bray founder of EBIllustrations was designed specifically for us girls with curls! It will feature a wide spread of emoji’s of different skin complexions and hair textures so whether you’re a light skinned babe with 4c hair or a chocolate doll with loose curls, Fromoji has got you covered!

The app is expected to launch in early 2018 and will be available for download via the Apple IOS store, so if like me you’re an iPhone user, congratulations!

Follow FROMOJI on Instagram for more info on release dates! Let’s support our fellow black queens!


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