Winter has taken some countries by a storm, but if you’re a Summer baby like me you’re most likely fully wrapped from head to toe, wearing layers of tights underneath your layers of leggings, underneath your layer of jeans… Yes, it’s that deep!

Now, keeping your body away from the winter breeze is great but ladies, let’s not forget our edges! Our hair needs just as much tender loving care cus’ I don’t know about you, but I’m leaving any spirit of breakage in 2017! (somebody say AMEN!). 

With that being said though, I personally don’t have the time or energy to be deep conditioning every week & all that extra shenanigans people be doing… So I find myself rocking protective styles A LOT during the Winter season.

Here are some protective styling ideas you could do this winter whether you’re natural, relaxed or currently transitioning… Oh and to take things a step further, I’ve sourced some amazing tutorials so that you can watch as you go… y’all know i’m the plug!


A quick and easy do for the busy ladies! I fell in love with this Alicia Keys inspired protective style the moment I saw it… Add a hint of glam with some cute hair charms and cuffs and voila, stunning!


You know when you’re in the mood for some braids but you’re not exactly in the mood for sitting down on your backside for the next five hours… Yeah, that’s where crochet comes to the rescue. All you need is a latch hook needle along with your crochet hair extensions and you’re good to go! Perfect right?


Gone are the days where us ladies were too shook and embarrassed to let a soul know we wore wigs! Haha Like braids, there are no limits to the number of styles you can pick from middle parting and lace frontals to u-parts and half wigs, you really are spoilt for choice. Oh but remember ladies #SecureTheWigs!


Want to rock a ponytail? I got you… Looking to sport a top knot bun? Sorted! The styling options are endless.


Don’t worry guys, I get it… Some of you still haven’t been sold on the wonders of wigs out of the fear of getting your wig snatched be it in bed or in a fight, this is your best bet!


  1. Aye Ciara 2. The Chic Natural 3. Peakmill 4. Forever Cryssy 5. Freedom Styles


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