So I’ve recently had the urge to experiment with my hair. From textures to colour, I just wanted to try something new! Being a chocolate girl I must admit, I didn’t really have the confidence to be so daring and play with bright colours and let’s be real, I’m sure life myself, many of you have been told to stick to colours that ‘flatter’ your skin tone. Well for a long time, I tried to do just that! I was all about keeping it safe fearing I’d look like a clown and managed to convince myself that lighter shades wouldn’t suit me simply because of my complexion.

I browsed around Instagram for weeks, even months and came across tons of gorgeous black women who were completely fearless rocking all sorts of shades from Silver to Blue! Man was this not only shocking to me, but absolutely inspiring! I instantly gathered the courage to go all the way up the colour chart from my usual comfort zone jet black to intense red! Yes I said it girl, RED!

Now you know I couldn’t hog all this hair inspo to myself so here you have it guy’s, the very queens that gave me the nudge to be bold and creative with my look!

1. Autumn REDi


2. Mellow Yellow


3. Feeling Blue


4. Green Queen


5. Purple


6. Lady in Red

7. Pretty In Pink


8. Bombshell Blonde


9. 50 Shades of Grey


Images: Est Are, Chloe Kitemo, Nnes Corner, Shalom BlacnqobiledanseurLydia Blaq, Breeny Lee, Mary OlaSandra Lambeck


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